Modern service from a modern Butler. Q&A with Head Butler, Immanuel

The days of Jeeves and Alfred are over. Butler by Lord Wallington is here to give the outdated image of a Butler a fresh new look. 

Here's a Q & A with Immanuel, head Butler at Butler by Lord Wallington to offer a rare look into how he started the company, what motivates him, and what the future holds.

How does someone decide they want to be a "Butler"?

Immanuel- It all started about four years ago when I wanted to start a house cleaning service. My wife suggested I do a spin off of our brand Lord Wallington, and Butler by Lord Wallington was born with a focus on luxury homes with the highest quality clients. 

We decided to use the name Butler. We have both men and women who work for us, but we don't use "Butler" as a descriptive word for them. It's just the business name

I used my training from the Navy as a foundation for attention to detail and discipline and researched everything I could about private home management, managing luxury properties, and customer service. 

How is being a Navy veteran beneficial to being a Butler?

Immanuel- When you start your time in the service, you are trained how to fold your underwear a certain way. This trains you to focus on the smallest detail because in the fleet it could be the difference between life and death. Attention to detail is pounded into you and it becomes part of how you live your life. Another great thing the service helped me perfect is being on time and the importance of respecting others time. If you’re on time, you’re late.

What do you do stay motivated as an entrepreneur? 

Immanuel- My wife and son are my number one motivator. They without a doubt push me to be better every day. My team also motivates me. If I don't show up 100% then what's in it for them? They work hard and I work hard for them. When a team member thanks me for the work, that's motivation in itself. 

How do you deal with the stress of running a business? 

Immanuel- I’m a huge fan of fitness and use CrossFit as my "meditation". It's one hour out of the day that I take as "me time" where I can recharge and push my body to the limit. I don't take any calls or work for this one hour and it gives me the clarity needed to reset. If it were between work or missing a will always be there :) 

What does the future hold for Butler by Lord Wallington? 

Immanuel-  We are working on breaking down the services into two categories, basic housekeeping/house cleaning and Butler Black. Butler Black is a full service home management for high-net-worth families with large estates who need a level of service that only Butler by Lord Wallington can provide.

We have been extremely lucky to have the clients we have and none of this would be possible without them. I went through a lot (good and bad) when I first started this business to know I only wanted quality clients who respect our work as much as we respect them and their homes. I'm excited to see where we are in the next year as we implement this new system and also excited to meet amazing new clients.  


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