There is no "wipe down" service with Butler by Lord Wallington

Back in 2006 aboard the USS Ronald Reagan we had mandatory cleaning every morning. At the time this seemed like a waste of time, but in hindsight, it was among other things, one of the most crucial tasks the sailors could do daily to maintain the ship and keep it afloat for years to come. 

During the morning cleaning everything was cleaned from top to bottom. Pipes, walls (bulkheads), floors (deck), ladder wells (stairs), to name a few.We were training to not just "wipe" down, but actually clean and in most cases with just a brush or rag and we were left to figure it out from there. 

Butler by Lord Wallington

It took about one day to understand what the difference was between just wiping down and cleaning. The Chief did his rounds and quickly informed us in a very loud voice if we had actually cleaned or simply "wiped down" our areas of responsibility.

So what is the difference between a "wipe down" and really cleaning? Simple. A "wipe down" is just that. Wiping down random surfaces, missing spots, using the same rag to clean everything (cleaning dirt with dirt), leaving streaks behind on windows and mirrors, etc. To sum it up, a bad job.

Cleaning to Butler by Lord Wallington is cleaning all horizontal surfaces from the top to the bottom. Leaving windows and mirrors streak free, polishing appliances and faucets, and leaving your home in a way that YOU don't have to clean up after us. 

Butler by lord Wallington

I guess you could say this is where my obsession with cleaning started. We cleaned everything. Every day. Living quarters, work stations, weapons, bathrooms, equipment, even the cleaning equipment and there was no room for error. 

When we started Butler by Lord Wallington, there was only one way I was trained to clean. As we got to know more clients and brought on more team members, it quickly came to my attention that this is not the idea most people have of cleaning. They think cleaning is just "wiping down" things. 

I remember the days of being yelled at by my Chief because I missed a few dust bunnies or didn't buff the sink enough. I quickly knew this is how I was going to run my business. Not the yelling part, but setting us apart from everyone else who was simply "wiping" things down. We are here to actually clean! 

As our business has grown and with each new client we get I always assure them they are not getting a "wipe down". For each new team member that wants to work with us I train them how to actually clean so we can break the cycle of the subpar service that has been the norm for years and years.

The idea of just wiping things down has no business with Butler by Lord Wallington, because if my Chief were to come by one of the homes we clean, I don't want to get yelled at :) 

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