Private staff consulting, led by Immanuel Ontiveros, Navy Security Forces Veteran and UHNW Butler, offers the one-on-one online consulting services and training to help you navigate your private service career.

Who is this for: individuals seeking a career or seasoned individual in private service (to include hybrid roles such as Butler/security, PA/security, House manager/security.

What is it: a half hour or hour long consulting/mentoring session to help you navigate the ever changing industry and help with conflict resolution, training, and more. 

Where: Online. You can be anywhere in the world to connect. 

Why: Private service can sometimes be a thankless and lonely profession. Professionals in this industry often times need someone to talk to who understands their challenges. 

$50 1/2 hour

$75 for one full hour 

To learn more or book a consultation, contact us at