Every man owns a suit, but there comes a time in your life when you should know what you're wearing. Putting on your off the rack suit is easy, but here are a few things you should know to make you're off the rack suit look like it was made just for you:

1. Break: This is the amount of material that folds over the top off your shoe when you are standing straight. Today's style is to have little to no break, however a half break is always in style. If you are shorter man, a half break to no break is best to make sure you don't look like a child wearing your dads suit.

2. Jacket Pocket: Many men buy a suit off the rack and have never been told that the pocket on their jacket that is sewn shut is a "fake". This is a REAL pocket and should be opened with a quick tug and worn with a pocket square.

3. Lapel size: This is one tip that is sure to keep you looking your best. The size of your lapel should be close to the width of your tie. If you are waring a modern slim suit with a narrow lapel, you should wear a slim tie as well as a larger lapel when wearing a traditional cut suit. You might not think it matters, but once you notice another gentleman with his proportions off, you'll thanks us for this tip.

4. Only one button: When you button your jacket (which you should do every time you stand up) only button the top button. If you have a three button suit, you can button the top and the middle, but never button all the jacket buttons. This will restrict your movement and will also make your midsection look much larger then it might be.

5. Fit is key: Thankfully the current trend is a slim modern cut suit so there is no shortage of them on the market at you need little tailoring . However, if you have a traditional cut suit that looks like the one to the left, make the investment to have it tailored. This image is the best visual representation of how big an impact fit has on your suit game.

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