5 Organizational Tips For Spring Cleaning

With warmer months just around the corner, spring cleaning isn’t far away. Whether you want to clear some of the winter clutter or just feel like a change in scenery, spring cleaning can make it happen. Now is the perfect time to clean out the garage, basement and/or attic. If there are any items that you don’t plan to use, Lord Wallington’s Butler will tell you how to get rid of them while making money doing it. As we all know, this can take a lot of work but a few simple tips can make your spring cleaning experience a breeze.

5 Tips For Spring Cleaning

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Tip 1: Use storage containers for seasonal items

If you are storing away your winter clothes or any other seasonal items, consider using large plastic storage containers that feature snap-on lids. These can be found in the housewares isles at most stores (your local Target will certainly carry them) and are very inexpensive. Storage containers are very important to keeping your clothes dust and discoloration free, which may otherwise be a problem if they are left hanging in the closet from one season to the next.

spring cleaning - storing your winter clothes

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Tip 2: Rolling, not folding

When packing your clothes, roll them instead of folding. I know we were all taught to fold since we were kids but rolling not only eliminates creases and wrinkles, but also saves a lot of space. You will be able to pack a lot more clothes with this technique. This is great for travelling too! 

how to fold your clothes for storage

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And if you're dealing with delicate fabrics, then use tissue paper sheets to protect the garments. 

packing your clothes

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Tip 3: Use labels

Label your clothing containers as ‘spring,’ ‘fall’ and ‘winter.’ This will help you to easily locate your wardrobe inside the closet.

Tip 4: Give back 

If you have any clothing that you don’t plan to wear or simply have outgrown, consider donating them to a local goodwill or other nonprofit organization. Rather than tossing them out, your clothes can provide revenue for a worthy cause and help the less-fortunate to be able to afford clothing that would otherwise be unattainable. That goes for anything though, not just clothes. 

Tip 4: Garage sale 

If you are looking to clear out some knick knacks or maybe you're upgrading to newer versions but don't want to just donate the old stuff, set up a garage sale or consider a trip to the local flea market. Everyone is looking for a bargain and they just may be looking for something that you no longer wish to own. Otherwise, you can always sell them on your local Facebook Marketplace, Next Door, Craiglist or eBay.

Tip 5: Old, clunky vacuums are out 

With all of the changes that you’re making, it may be time to switch to a lightweight vacuum. This will save from lugging around a heavier model and will glide across the floor with ease. There’s no use in completely wearing yourself out during spring cleaning, so try to make it as easy as possible. Your local Costo has some really great options for their members, including cordless. 

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