How Much Should I Tip?

One question that we get asked a lot, especially during the holiday season is "how much should I tip a Butler?"

 how much should I tip?

For starters, we are firm believers that a tip should never be expected. It should be in gratitude for going above and beyond what we are there to do in the first place, provide exceptional service. 

If we didn't exceed your expectations then we shouldn't expect a tip just because we did our job. If this was the case, then we would simply do the bare minimum to secure the additional tip. 

If we do exceed your exceptions and a tip is offered, it carries more weight as a show of appreciation rather than that of an obligation. 

We offer the following suggestions to our clients when they ask about tipping. This is only our suggestion and varies per client, home, and task completed. 

Housecleaning: $5-$10 per service or double service amount once a year

House Manager: Double one visit once a year

Driver: Depending on mileage $2-$20

When it doubt, just remember our simple rule of thumb, you would tell a friend to use the service, tip. If not, don't. 

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