When you learn to tie a tie for the first time, every young man has a feeling of accomplishment. The feeling that they are turning into men and have been welcomed into the good ole boys club. No more asking your dad or mom to tie your tie for you. No more clip on ties. Now it's the real deal.

The problem is most men go through their lives only knowing one way of tying a tie, usually the way their fathers taught them, and never learning any other way. Why would you? Unless you wear a tie daily, you might wear one once a week, once a month, once a year?

Let's assume you've learned how to tie more than one knot such as Half Windsor, Full Windsor, and Four in Hand. Great, knowing more than one knot is naturally the next step in tying a tie, but for some reason a majority of men miss the dimple. That's right. The dimple.

Any man can tie a tie one way, two ways, three ways, but not every man knows how to tie their tie with a dimple. The dimple gives your tie a fuller more robust look and in many cases demands more respect out of you because you know how to do it.

So the next time you have a meeting, a wedding, or just want look darn good especially in a Lord Wallington Tie, tie your tie with a dimple.

It's simple and here's how:

Tie your tie however you'd like, but we recommend a full windsor:

When you finish tying your tie, pull the large tail back up through the not about two inches:

Pinch the large tail and create a fold down the middle:

Slide the large tail back through the knot, but make sure you maintain the fold and tighten to secure the fold, which is now the dimple.

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