Last week we were lucky enough to drive the new 2016 Mercedes C300. Being a Mercedes family and this the second C-Class we have driven, we were surprised by the changes in both the performance, interior design, and functionality of the mouse like touch pad on the center console.

Our over all review consisted of acceleration, interior and exterior aesthetic, comfort, responsiveness, and functionality of the new center control.

We were impressed with the 241-hp which was apparent in the 6 second 0-60. We do a lot of city and freeway driving so the get-up-and-go was impressive as was the overall responsiveness from breaking to the steering wheel.

The overall aesthetic of the design is pleasing to the eye. The now curved lines of the once more square body is much classier and in a way makes the new C300 look like the little brother of the S-Class.

The interior design of the new 2016 C300 has completely changed from the previous model. Now with a 7 inch display and touch screen mouse on the center console, it feels as if you are in a spaceship ready for take off. The leather seats are comfortable and curve around your body when you take a tight turn, but a little tight for a carseat in the back. As far as functionality of the mouse touch pad and shifting gears on the steering wheel shaft, we'll just say it took some time to figure out. Not as user friendly as a traditional center console shifter, but brought back memories of moms car where shifting gears was up at almost eye level.

Overall we give the new 2016 C300 4.5 starts out of 5. The .5 was lost in the time it took us to figure out the shifter and center console controls.

We do recommend the C300 if you are considering upgrading from your older model or getting ready to dive into the luxury car market. If you want the traditional Mercedes class and quality THIS should be your entry level Mercedes and not the CLA.

Price as tested $39,875
24/31 MPG
241 HP
Top speed 131 mph


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