When you think of a Butler you probably think of an old stuffy man who walks at a snails pace around a giant property tending to every need of a wealthy oil tycoon or bratty heir. Or, you think of Jeeves, Alfred, or Geoffrey (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), the more modern Butlers which still carry on the tradition of caring for the family and the home. Nonetheless you have a general idea that a Butler is there to take care of you and your family, tending to mundane tasks that leaves you with free time to enjoy the more finer things in life, or in todays world just gives you enough free time to take a breath.

History has it that the Butler or "bouteiller" was the keeper of the kings wine bottles caring for the collection and serving upon request. Over time the Butler evolved to take on a more managerial roll in the estate which freed up his time from labor to managing footmen, cooks, gardeners, etc. The Butler was respected and held a high standard for those he managed and was also the custodian of the silver.

The History Of A Butler

Are Butlers still used? Are they relevant in 2017? Of course we are going to say yes since the recent launch of Butler ™ by Lord Wallington. Not everyone has an estate that needs caring for, but if you are the king of your castle, even if it's a loft downtown, who wouldn't want a Butler? We are all busy and could use a helping hand.

A Lord Wallington Butler™ is here to make your life easier. Run your errands, do your grocery shopping, clean your house, walk your dog, and do it in style.

Welcome to the Butler of today. To learn more about Butler™ by Lord Wallington click here.

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