When it comes to wearing a scarf there are two reasons why you probably are. One, it's the bone chilling cold out and you are wearing a scarf wrapped around your face with just enough room to see where you are walking, and two, for fashion, with absolutely no function just because you like the way it looks.

No matter which reason you are wearing a scarf for there are a few different ways that you can wear one with a classic blazer without looking like you are getting ready to climb Everest.

  1. Parisian Knot. This is our favorite way to wear a scarf. Fold you scarf in half and drape over your neck. Pull the ends through the folded end and slide comfortably to your neck. This is a fast and easy way to wear any scarf and is perfect for colder weather.three ways to wear a scarf
  2. Once Around. Simply wrap your scarf around your neck one time and let the ends hang or tuck them in your lapels.three ways to wear a scarf
  3. Drape. It doesn't get any easier than this. Drape your scarf around your neck and close your blazer over the scarf. This is perfect for weather that doesn't demand an overcoat, but you can still maintain your fashion sense.How to wear a scarf

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