During a recent trip to the symphony I couldn't help but notice the confusion that everyone seemed to be "wearing".


what to wear to the symphony
Souther California is already a more causal environment then the rest of the country where it would be safe to assume a suit or even tuxedo might be appropriate for the local symphony, but from what I saw, our local symphony goers seemed to be the victims of perfect yearly weather identity crisis.

Rightfully so! The warm days in mid February do not scream "wear a long wool coat and suit jacket to the symphony"

So where does that leave us? Souther California symphony goers? Let me help.

  1. There is no shame in mixing your suits creating a more business causal look by treating your suits as suit separates. Do you have a light grey suit and a navy blue suit? Mix and match your jacket and trousers. Not only does this look more fashionable, but it also helps you look like you didn't just come from the office.
  2. T-shirts. No thank you. If you plan on going to the symphony at a minimum put on a polo shirt with chinos. It's super casual, but at least it isn't a T-shirt.
  3. If you're going to the symphony you are making a huge effort to respect the arts and the arts deserve your respect, no flip flops or open toe sandals. Every gent should have a pair of dress shoes and the symphony is one of the special occasions you should dust them off for.
  4. A tie? Of course I am going to say yes. Mostly because Lord Wallington ties are the best and everyone looks good in one. However, if you have a nice crisp white collared shirt, a tie isn't always necessary. If your collar is sagging, then a tie would be great to give it some structure. Make sure you read your scheduled show to ensure it is not a formal or black tie formal event.

Lastly, when in doubt overdress. The worse case is you show up looking sharper than every gentleman in the room and be ready for the compliments.

What to wear to the symphony

So there you have it. I hope you can use these few tips the next time you are lucky enough to to head to your local symphony.

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