You own a home. Now what?

Being a new homeowner is probably one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. No stress over rent and complete freedom to design the space according to your own taste. However, since buying a home is a very turbulent process, many first-time homeowners become too excited and lost in the process. To ensure a smooth transition, we recommend focusing on these questions:

Most new homeowners can’t wait to start designing and decorating, but patience is super important when buying a new home. All of us have heard crazy burglar stories so we suggest that you make security your number one priority. Here is what you must do before redesigning your home:
· Change the locks and reset key codes
· Check the condition of doors and windows (and change them if necessary)
· Test motion lights, alarms, water heater temperature, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
· Schedule necessary inspections (gutters, drains, HVAC, and furnace)
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After you finish with the safety procedures, you can safely move onto the interesting part – finding the perfect style for your home. There is a variety of styles… Industrial, Hamptons, Boho, Eclectic… you name it! The best part is that you have the freedom to mix and match them however you like.
If you have trouble finding your ideal style, you can always scroll through Pinterest and Instagram to get inspired. Plus, you never know where inspiration can come from, it might be from a movie scene or an old painting you see in a museum.
Extra tip: The safest and most popular option is a transitional style. A blend of traditional and modern elements, this style will ensure a timeless look. You can achieve it by mixing unique patterned fabric (pillows, curtains, sofas) with traditional elements like crown molding, a fireplace, and hardwood floors (stay tuned for more on all those!).
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Whatever you do, don’t start at the furniture store! The key to a stunning home is organization. You can consult a professional designer or try DIY design. If you choose the second option, make sure to follow these steps:
· Take measurements of the home’s interior
· Draw a floorplan – You can use apps like RoomScan Pro and MagicPlan for help
· Ask yourself the important questions ( What kind of room do I want?, Do I want more natural or artificial light?, How do I make the space kid-friendly?, Do I need a home office?, Do I want an indoor garden?, etc. ) – the answers to these types of questions will lead you to the ideal design for your new home
· Use blue tape – To get a better idea of the future look, you can add blue tape on the floor as “fake furniture” to see whether you need to adjust furniture size and placement
· Plan your budget – A good advice is to renovate slowly and to avoid spending the entire budget in one go. Leave room for spontaneity and for your future self. Also, before you start purchasing items, make sure to set your priorities straight. Sometimes we have to choose between the greater of two goods, like marble countertops in the kitchen or mosaic tiles in the bathroom.
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Despite some hard choices, buying a new home is a wonderful experience that everybody deserves to have. On top of everything, interior design is as exciting as ever, allowing 21st century homeowners to experiment to the fullest and create the home of their dreams. Of course, caring for a new home is also important but let’s leave that topic for another day.


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