Lord Wallington™. A private UHNW/HNW (Ultra High Net Worth/High Net Worth) Management Firm headquartered in San Diego, lead by Immanuel Ontiveros, former US Navy Security Forces and UHNW celebrity Manager.

Who is this for? UHNW/HNW Individuals/families seeking a career or seasoned professional in private service (to include hybrid roles such as Manager, Handler, Fixer, Butler/Security, PA/Security, Manager/Security, Director of Residents, etc.) 

Also open to consulting service to estate owners/principals who are in need of an estate audit.

To learn more or book a consultation, contact us at ask@cgo-enterprises.com 

*Insured and bonded.


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Butler by Lord Wallington, San Diego home management services


ultra high net worth manager/fixer

Immanuel Ontiveros

By appointment only


 "I don't know how to do anything halfway" - Kevin Hart